Day 28/365 - On being part of the solution

Day 28

The world as we know it, has always been in some situation of distress. Now, more than ever, the world’s citizens are starting to voice their dissent and unhappiness with current leadership, policy and systems in place. But it has always been so for generations; every generation seems to struggle with a different issue.

Today, a lot of things seem dire and hopeless. It is scary to imagine our lives in the hands of inept leaders. But it is also liberating, for in these times real change can happen. If we, the people, come together in our opinions and organize our own movements, our cries may be heard. 

However, our personal campaigns have to be executed delicately. Voicing complaints and disappointments will not lead us closer to finding solutions to existing problems. Recognizing a flaw is only part of the answer. Rather than dwell on the negatives, we need to focus our attention on the positive. We must offer an alternative, better system to replace an old defective one. We should think outside the box and create choices, rather than spread feelings of hopelessness and destruction. Our alternatives should give people a chance to choose the better way, and the old imperfect ways will fall away naturally. Instead of demonizing, let us instead be gracious in our approach to finding hope and love.