Day 27/365 - On modern technology

Day 27

Today was a strange day. I forgot my cell phone at home, and felt as if I was without my hands! It was both nerve-wracking and liberating to be detached from this little device that I’ve come to rely on. It dawned on me that without it, I was disconnected from the world - the modern world of internet, e-mails, texts, and social media, that is. On the contrary, the world of feelings, human interactions, and self-reflection was more palpable than ever.

Without the constant need to check my phone for alerts, updates, Instagram likes, and Facebook notifications, I felt more focused on the tasks at hand. I was more alert and attuned to what I was doing when I wasn’t glued to my cellular device. I was at peace and didn’t feel like I was missing out, since the temptation of reaching for my cell was not an option. 

People nowadays hide behind their phones in lieu of making small talk or in fear of awkward moments. They pretend (or really think) they have much more important things to tackle on their phones than to just be in the present moment. It sometimes feels as if the world is filled with zombies whose main concern is to look down at their handheld devices. On the train, in the bathroom, in line, at a theater, at work, in the park, during workouts, even meditation - the phone is always there! And now, more conveniently, you can get the mini-phone on your wrist, ever the prisoner of the cell via handcuffs (puns sort of intended).

I encourage you to have phone-free days, or at least sacred moments of your day, to disconnect from the wire and reconnect with yourself. Put down your phone at mealtimes, during meditation, and while socializing in person. Put your phone on airplane mode while you sleep, so you are not disturbed and so you don’t have telephone or wifi signals in your bedroom. Be phone-less and fearless, my friends. Be bold, I urge you.