Day 26/365 - On prioritizing

Day 26

Today started out with plans fit for Napoleon, that is to say that I had a loaded agenda. I had my time planned down to the minute for the various errands to run, appointments to keep, and commitments to carry out. At first I was worried about keeping the schedule to the tee. Then, I realized worrying would not solve anything, and I made the choice to be confident that all would work out for the best.

Then, shifts started to happen. One by one, my plans started to change and I was soon down to 50% of the day’s prior arrangements. By making little adjustments and interventions here and there, I was able to cut down my workload and just focus on the things that absolutely had to be done today. I even got some downtime in between, to get some necessary shopping done that was put off for a while, and to do some cooking at home.

What started as a scary and hectic morning turned out to be a carefully navigated arrangement of events. I asked for certain changes and they were granted to me. This created space for me to reflect and just enjoy the day and each of the day’s manifested plans. I realized it’s important to prioritize, and do what truly makes sense at the time. I like to be productive, but I also like to be happy in the moment, and choose what’s best for me in the long run. 

P.S. On that note, my new goal is to get to bed at 11pm and wake up extra early to get my journaling, blogging, meditating, and cooking all done in the morning, thus freeing up my night for just rest and reflection. Crossing my fingers!