Day 25/365 - On the journey vs. destination

Day 25

Sometimes I wish I could skip ahead to where my life is clearly laid out and all the hardships are behind me. I picture myself being sure of my present, my surroundings, and what my future holds. Then I realize that this is impossible and I go back to square one.

But even if it was possible, would I take that security of a ‘final destination’? Would I give up the arduous but (hopefully) satisfying journey there? Would anyone?

I firmly believe that our journeys, with all of their hardships and hurdles, are what make our destinations meaningful. As the Little Prince said, “what makes the rose special is the time you have wasted in growing it.” It is only through effort that we learn to appreciate what we achieve. The amount of love, passion, and work we put into something is what makes it a gratifying experience and cherished accomplishment. We tend not to value things that come easy, while we appreciate things that took great time and effort to achieve.

Although it is tempting to fast forward and skip ahead to the ‘good stuff’, try to savor the goodness of the present moment. Thank yourself for being exactly where you are now, for it is exactly where you need to be. Take pride and joy in the part of the journey that you are in now. Look around in appreciation; you just may like what you see.