Day 24/365 - On idols and inspiration

Day 24

Who do you look up to for inspiration? Do your idols motivate you or discourage you? Most likely, you follow people you admire on social media, or read about them, or maybe even talk to them on a daily basis. Theirs is the life you wish to have, or at least model your life after. You agree with their goals, you root for their successes. However, is there a healthy level of obsession with another person’s life? How much time is ideal to devote to your idol?

This is a constant struggle for a lot of people. Yes we get inspired and motivated by those people that seem to be just a few steps ahead of us. But we also get overwhelmed when they seem a little too far ahead, where we feel like we will never reach them, never get “there.” We live vicariously through them but secretly can’t help but be jealous of them and feel pity for ourselves. What is the secret to being happy for others without the expense to our egos?

I believe there is no secret. It is human nature to keep wanting more than we have, to keep striving for new heights. We have to accept that as a given, and consciously acknowledge this semi-flawed character trait. It’s flawed because we can never be truly happy except momentarily, but it is also necessary for the growth of humanity and our spirit. If we settled after every success, no new height would be reached. If we didn’t have others to compare and contrast with, no healthy competition would be achieved. We use one another’s accomplishments as measuring scales to what we want to achieve. The key is to set your sights on some milestones that are readily achievable, and follow those idols that are not too far ahead of us. That way we can keep the course and not get disappointed by something that seems astronomical.