Day 22/365 - On numbers and dudes

Day 22

I just realized that today, on the 22nd of January, I frequented a restaurant at the address 222 Bushwick Ave (Tradesman in Brooklyn) for brunch. I took note of the number upon entering and leaving the restaurant, and took it as a good omen, and just now understood that it’s even more of a coincidence that it was on the 22nd. I always notice little signs and number patterns, and see a lot of numbers that are significant to me. I frequently wonder if there is a bias to my observations though. I may just be seeing what I want to see and ignoring what holds less sentimental value to me.

On another note, I just watched “The Big Lebowski” for the first time. Inspired by my visit to the Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik, I decided I should see what the hype was all about in the first place. I have to say, I am now a believer. The hype was real and I understand now why the bar is such a big hit among the locals and visitors alike. Their bowling-alley themed (down to placing an entire lane complete with shoes, bowling ball and pins on the wall of the establishment) homage to the film is hustling and bustling with clients all night long. They also serve a mean “White Russian” drink favored by “The Dude Lebowski” in the film. If the dude was told to visit and have a drink, take it easy, I think the dude would abide.

If you, too, want to take it easy, I suggest you watch the film!