Day 21/365 - On the greater whole

Day 21

Today as I was showing the photos from the Iceland trip to my family, I realized just how true the saying is that “you just had to be there.” No pictures do justice to their subject. The power of the present moment is too grand and too elusive to capture. Arguably, my words right now aren’t even doing the job of describing just how beautiful it was to be in the midst of raw, wild nature.

It really is awe-inspiring and humbling at the same time, to realize the vastness of the natural universe, and what small space in it we occupy. It’s amazing to think that we are all connected, to each other by our likeness, and to nature by being quite literally born from it, at least in an evolutionary sense. I remember looking around at the other tourists during our sight-seeing trips, and thinking that we must share similar interests and passions, and perhaps character traits, if we’ve all elected this particular form of vacation. Looking at people from a sense of connectedness really enhances understanding and minimizes judgement or egotism.

My wish is for everyone to come to the conclusion that we are all connected. All of our actions and thoughts do come back to us, not just karmically, but in a direct and physical way. What we do to our environment and other living things is what we do to our own selves, because of the greater connection within the ecosystem we are part of. The sooner we realize that and start operating on a scale of brother/sisterhood, the happier and healthier we can be. We should treat one another like we would treat our mother, or how we would want to be treated. We are one. Aho.