Day 19/365 - On friendship

Day 19

Continuing from yesterday’s theme of giving in relationships, I want to talk about another closely related boat: friendship. No matter how far people drift apart with their own microcosms and priorities of their individual lives, they can always find a common anchor that keeps them close at bay to each other. 

The waves of this metaphorical sea may ebb and flow, and at times become buoyant, or eerily calm (as before a storm, perhaps). But, if the ship is strong and has a good network of support around it, any storm can be survived, and the survivors become even stronger for having endured it. 

I encourage you to think about what common denominator anchors you to your friends, your chosen family, your tribe. Do you share a common history? Will you share a common future? Unfortunately some ties may have to be let go of when both parties are heading to two completely different destinations. But most of the time, life jackets can be saved for use at a later meeting point. Perhaps the ships will cross paths again, and sail parallel routes once more.

Respect one another and honor your friendship for what it was, is, and/or will be. Don’t regret ever being friends, because they are the mirror of yourself during the time you spent together.
Consider the true friendships in your life and value and honor them. Do nice things for your friends, things your know will be meaningful and appreciated by them. Find ways to celebrate your friendship and breathe life into it, as even plants need water and sunlight to blossom.