Day 2/365 - On reflecting

Day 2

So weird to write the year 2017 down, it will take some time to get used to that! Today I want to share with you my reflection about taking things slow. I’ve just started the 365 challenge, but already so many ideas and topics are flooding my brain. So for now, I will choose one thing at the forefront of my mind and focus on exploring that topic.

Although the public journaling thing is pretty new for me, I have been trying to journal pretty consistently for the past year and a half. I find that just rattling off things that happened that day or week to me are not as important and the thoughts and reflections those same things incited. 

I think for the most part, people in today’s world (or at least in my immediate environment of busy professionals in New York City) have become victims of over-achieving. We run around like chickens without heads and try to maximize everything - what has come to be known as the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. We are proud to brag to anyone who cares to listen about how much we have accomplished, what school we went to, what degree we have, what our salaries are, how we dress, what we do on weekends. 

But how many times in a day do we actually slow down and reflect on any of these ‘achievements’ and what they add to our lives? Does the new car or shoes help with your self-confidence to secure your next goal in life? Or did you just get it to fit in and impress someone else? Whose goals are you trying to fulfill anyway - yours, your family's or society’s? What things make YOU really happy, and are you doing enough of those? What takes priority in your schedule - to maximize or optimize?

So today, I just want to slow down and reflect. What did I like and dislike about my personal actions and life last year? What changes will I make this year to create more joy and less stress for myself? I will try to separate my truth from the bombardment of outside media tells me is true. How can I create a space for me to explore what I am capable of, and add something of value to the world? 

Those are some of the questions I want to reflect on today, and all year long. Those are my intentions for the year. What are your reflections? What do you think about when you slow down and step outside of the hectic daily routine?