Day 1/365 - On starting a project

Day 1

It has taken me a while to finally get here. Sounds general (anyone could say this about anything!) and cryptic (get where?), I know, but I’m talking about finally committing to a 365-day project. I tried it once before a couple years back, and even got a small following on my wordpress site (, managing to blog for a full month before I started skipping days and eventually stopping writing altogether. 

Since it’s the new year, I figure it’s a good day to make resolutions and recommitting myself to a bigger challenge this time - a full year of consecutive blog posts. To keep it easier on myself, there are two rules:

  1. Short (trying to keep it easy here!) blog post or interesting graphic each day
  2. Day is defined as the time window of a certain date in any time zone (my attempt to stretch a strict 24 hour deadline, since not all days are created equal, and I have a tendency to run on a later-than-my-time zone schedule).

Using these two stipulations, I hope to create a challenging yet manageable goal for myself. And hey - better late than never, I always say! So better to start this project now, and better to post later in the day (outside my time zone, even) than not at all.

Keeping with my intentions to keep posts short and sweet, I just want to wrap up with my reflection of the year that just passed, 2016. As this topic is anything but short, I will just take a bite of it and chew off the rest through a couple of posts. I want to first of all to recognize that we had a challenging, eventful year, and give gratitude that we made it through it. I am grateful for all the factors that led up to this point. For all we know, this is the best possible version of all the alternate parallel universes (if they exist, or if you believe they do) out there.

Either way, there is no other reality that we have to work with, so we must work with what we have. There is always something to be grateful for, and I want to focus on that and remind myself of that as much as possible from now on. Gratitude humbles us, and grounds us, and reminds us of what is important. When the going gets tough, it is grace and gratitude that can pull us through the dark times. As long as there is air to breathe and the sun to warm us, and the plants to nourish us, we are okay! So take a deep breath, smile and put your best foot forward in 2017!!! 

P.S. Speaking of gratitude and challenges, I just learned something a few minutes ago - always back up your work! Square space blog just crashed on me and I had to type this whole post over (a way to test my memory, hmm…). So lesson learned, I am now typing everything on GoogleDocs first, then transferring over!