Day 18/365 - On reciprocating love

Day 18

There is a difference between loving and showing love. Most people show the love they want to receive. In return, they expect gratitude for their love and reciprocation in the same token. However, it doesn’t quite work like that. The recipient of the said love has their own idea of showing love, and may not appreciate the effort nor reciprocate in the same way. They will show their affection in a different way, and in return expect the same treatment...and so on. Many misunderstandings can happen in this way.

Pay attention to what your partner does for you, and what they silently (or not so silently in some cases) desire from you. If they shower you with compliments and kisses, they most likely want that positive affirmation from you as well. If they cook for you and clean after you, maybe they want a hand in the household from you to share the hardships as well as the joy. If they love to spoil you with expensive gifts, maybe they want some attention from you, whether in material gifts or experiences you have together.

There’s always a way to reciprocate love, but not always in the same way for everyone. Just because it’s not your idea of showing love, doesn’t mean it’s not someone else's. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open for new ways that love can be brought to your life. Appreciate what you are given, and try to be on the same page of love-giving with one another. If you want to add anything extra, that’s even better.