Day 17/365 - On controlling the weather

Day 17

Back in herbal school today, after a much-needed break. It never feels like an adequate amount of time when you are on vacation, does it? Nevertheless I love learning about herbs and being part of the ArborVitae community right here in NY!

Today the following phrase really caught my attention: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” This is brilliant! (Ironically it was freezing today and raining heavily all evening.) Instead of blaming outside forces for a certain predicament, our reaction is what really matters. We can ignore the rain and go out without an umbrella, catch a cold and come down with pneumonia (worst case scenario). Or we can be prepared for the forecast and grab an umbrella, outfitted with rain boots, to take the bull by the horns. 

We can only control our individual reactions to life events/environment/outside forces, and not the outside events themselves. The sooner we accept this fundamental truth, the faster we can learn to accept our condition and, subsequently, deal with it. Denial, ignorance, anger, fear don’t work. We have to accept what life throws our way, be grateful for the good, and learn from the bad. Choose to see everything as a blessing or opportunity to grow and evolve to our highest potential and highest self. We can’t control much, but we can control our actions and mental state, and that’s already a great deal. Instead of fighting or denying the obvious, we can find joy and transcendence by putting ourselves not at the mercy of outside forces but at the driver’s seat, by discovering this one thing: the power in yourself, to become your greatest self.