Day 15/365 - On preparing to fly

Day 15

Exactly halfway of the first month of the 365 Challenge of daily blogging that I set for myself. That’s 1/24th of my total goal! Wow that actually made it more intimidating somehow. Although, that’s a better ratio than 1/365th, which is what it was for my first day. Moral of the story: it always seems harder to start in the beginning...but once the wheels start rolling, you need less momentum to keep going. So don’t be afraid and just go for it!

Another lesson learned today was the proper way to prepare for a flight. When booking, always remember to verify if checked baggage has an extra fee, and if so pack appropriately for least amount of checked bags (say one extra large suitcase instead of two medium ones) and check in online with the airline 24 hours prior to departure. This will save the hassle of getting last pick of seats and having to wait for an attendant to check in (instead self-check kiosks may be utilized).

Lastly, prepare for the extra-expensive and terribly unhealthy airplane food. Either pack a few snacks (no liquids though!) or buy something made from fresh ingredients in the airport. I even heard that some people bring fruits and veggies and a small portable blender to make a smoothie right in the airport! Packing some cut-up veggies, cooked eggs, sandwiches/wraps, nuts and dates work too. If opting to buy the food, look at the ingredients and stay away from packaged/preserved foods with additives. Instead, opt for juice/smoothie bars, and freshly prepared sandwiches, soups, or salads.

Being back in NY seems surreal, and as always feels as though I’ve never even left. Time spent away from home always seems like the blink of an eye, while the time speed at home seems to have only moved sluggishly in my absence. Everything is just as I remember it. I wasn’t excited to be greeted by loud, angry noises emitted from people and cars, and to walk out into a thick fog of cigarette smoke right outside of Newark International. Still, NY is my comfort zone, and I’m happy to be back to home sweet home.