Day 13/365 - On Friday the 13th

Day 13

Incidentally, today is Friday the 13th, and I am starting to feel that our house is haunted. It is very cozy, with furs on couches and musical instruments and artwork in the living room, and an interesting bedroom layout upstairs. But there are some extra rooms, and nooks and crannies that make me uncomfortable walking around alone, especially at night. Maybe it’s my New York-ness (used to cramped spaces), but I almost feel that this house is too large and the unseen world must occupy the seemingly unused spaces. There are some creaking noises at night, weird light switches that don’t work, and things seem to be misplaced often. I hope it’s just my imagination, but either way we are leaving after tomorrow.

Our plan to see northern lights unfortunately failed because no one woke up during optimal light forecast window. We overslept by almost two hours and went straight on the guided tour of the biggest ice glacier in Europe (Vatnajökull)! Then we went to diamond beach and lastly stopped by Dyrhólaey (lighthouse at Vik) on the way back. Everything was beautiful, as is becoming usual in this sightseeing adventure.

On another bright note, I successfully drove the vehicle part of the way without falling asleep. After a quick dinner at home (did I mention even eating in is expensive here?), we went out to check the nightlife scene at the main Reykjavik center city. Icelandians definitely like to go out on weekends and party hard. The local cafes turn into bars until 2-5am on Friday and Saturday nights, and the locals can be seen bar hopping and hanging out at pubs and discos.

Tomorrow is our last day, so hoping to catch some sleep and go back out to make the best of it!