Day 12/365 - On driving in Iceland

Day 12

Today we journeyed to Vik, where there was beautiful black sand and silky-smooth pebbles of all sizes and shapes, chiseled by the magnificent strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean. There was also a highly symmetrical design sculpted into the side of a rocky mountain by the shore. The waves were so powerful and crashed loudly and ruthlessly onto the shore, then dissipating seemingly into nowhere, just as quickly as they came from nowhere.

My first time taking the wheel in Iceland went pretty smoothly, I think. It was windy, frosty, and slightly slippery, but for the most part conditions weren’t perilous. As the driver, I felt more connected to the journey and more in control of the pace of the trip. The landscape unfurled right in front of my eyes and I drank it in, greedily. 

However, as has happened before when I drove through vast beautiful open terrains, I soon became drowsy with the motion of the car. The repetitive landscapes, although brimming with scenic beauty, had a hypnotic effect on me and began to lull me to sleep. Luckily, someone was able to take over the wheel and relieve me of the duties to get us safely to our destination.

Upon arrival, we realized we missed our chance to see the Northern Lights because the clouds were rolling in. Our plan is to catch them in the early morning by the Diamond Beach before our day trip to the Ice Glacier. 

Crossing my fingers...good night, and good luck!