Day 11/365 - On prices in Iceland

Day 11

Day 2 in Iceland reveals even more rugged beauty than at first glance. My toes were in sore need of cayenne or toe warmers to return some feeling and improve otherwise feeble circulation, but alas I forgot to get the former and left the latter back at the house (!). Nevertheless, with taking off my boots to massage my feet in the car, between bouts of braving the cold, it turned out fine and I didn’t get frostbite! 

Back to the land...once again the power of raw nature took my breath away. The hues of blue and white, colored by the rays of the sun during sunrise and sunset into pinks and purples, were beyond all words. We also saw the moon rise out of clouds again today, into all of its majestic glory, glowing white in the night sky. All you can do is just take that in and try to commit it to memory, because even the best photographs can’t do it justice.

The one thing I’m finding difficult here is the economy. All the prices seem extremely inflated and expensive compared to US prices of comparable goods. I wonder how the average citizen is making ends meet, if even tourists have trouble staying to a budget during their visit. I hope the harvest is doing well and is able to sustain the people here.