Day 10/365 - On beauty in Iceland

Day 10

Yesterday melted beautifully into today over the span of one flight and crossing of several time zones. Yesterday I was in a different city, country and time zone, and after embarking on my journey, I woke up in a new land and a day ahead. Moreover, I am now in a place of exposed, raw nature, with parts completely untouched by man (except for tourists taking photos of the land, it is undisturbed).

I am in Iceland, and it is breathtaking. There are only five hours of daylight now during the wintertime, so people (especially visitors) make the most of them. It is amazing to watch the sunrise and sunset within several hours of each other, and be able to witness this daily as part of your normal winter routine. The moon looks exceptionally full and prominent in the night sky, and the Northern Lights are visible at certain points.

Overall the terrain is incredibly unpredictable. The further outside the city you get, the more extreme. At times it is wild and uninhabited, seemingly like a different planet. It touches something deep within us, also wild. Perhaps that’s why tourism has been picking up steadily in recent years. People are heading toward a new era of appreciating the raw beauty both within and outside of us.