Consistency is Key

These blog posts seem to mirror my internal state of mind/motivation. I hope that at least some of you can relate and benefit from my experiences and content that I share here. I am making a commitment to post at least once a week, since daily seems a little ambitious for me. Today is Tuesday so my goal will be to have a post done by Tuesday of each week. 

Keeping up with the theme of consistency, I want to share with you today the concept I learned about in Dr. Pedram Shojai's Urban Monk Academy. I invite you to join me in the practice of a gong. It is a Chinese Taoist concept of an amount of time designated to performing a specific task. The theory is that since it takes about 90 days of consistent practice to "burn" a habit into an autonomous action, committing to a "100 day gong" of such a practice will make that behavior "stick." The challenging part is to do the practice daily, without skipping any days within the 100 day time frame, otherwise you have to start over! This encouraging self-discipline and builds self-trust. If you can be true to your word, you will start to believe in yourself more, and love yourself more. It will motivate you to set tasks that you can actually see through to completion! 

Today, I am starting a daily gong of journaling every day, and blogging every week. Slowly but surely, I will accomplish these goals because they make sense for my schedule now. Next, I want to add daily breathing and meditation to my daily practices. But for now, baby steps. Focus on one thing at a time so as not to fail at everything all at once. Perfect one practice before moving on to the next.

What would you like to set as your gong? Share below!