The hardest part is to start

Hello lovely people and fellow health seekers!

I have been meaning to start blogging on this page for quite some time, ever since purchasing the domain name a little over a year ago. Since then, a lot of things happened, all of which served as distractions and obstacles, preventing me from launching the website.

However, it wasn't all wasted time. I managed (with some help) to launch the RawFork Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, come up with a logo, as well as some business ideas. It is still a work in progress, but for now I'd like to go ahead and begin blogging here about my thoughts, ideas, and health advice as well as recipes and DIY tutorials. And it could not come at a more fitting time, as this week marked the start of the Chinese New Year 2016! So Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

I came across a quote by Hugh Laurie on Facebook, which summed up exactly what was slowly churning in the back of my mind for months now. "There is never a good time to start anything, and no one ever feels "ready" for anything. We just have to accept it and take the plunge, because now is as good of a time as ever!"

So with that in mind, I welcome you to RawFork, and hope you enjoy the ride in my virtual world!